Eggy Muffins – Part 1 – School Lunch Ideas



Get up early for work or the gym and “don’t have time for breakfast?”

Rushing with the kids and finding that sugary cereal too easy to serve in the morning?

Have fussy kids who don’t eat their veg, but they like egg?

Skipping meals and eating on the run happens, its just life sometimes we have to be realistic about it, sometimes that extra 10 min sleep in means we don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast, or the kids have had a rough night which means you actually got no sleep and again we reach for sugary cereals and top it with milk and call it breakfast – even the ones in the ‘health’ aisle of the supermarket – are yes, you guessed it , still PACKED with sugars.

This isn’t a new thing, a lot of my friends at uni make these up in batches and then at least have a snack, or brekky or even lunch tossed with salad that we know is healthy, nutritious and full of veg.

I know my mum used to make quiche and it was an all time fav!

Its even nice to get home to some nights when you just can’t be bothered!

I call them “Eggy Muffins” or sometimes – empty the fridge mini quiche!




Onion – red or white – up to you

One clove of garlic

3 vegetables of your choice

if you can’t choose these are the ones I mostly use

Capsicum, Zucchini & Sweet potato 

If you can’t be bothered with sweet potato – tomato is also good!

6-8 eggs depending on the size

Herbs – Oregano and Parsley

you could also do Parsley and Basil or just Basil

Or Paprika and Cayenne if you like it HOT

Even Cumin seeds are good on their own

or Dill – Dill in eggs is devine!

Anyway – point is choice of your herbs depending on your taste and if making for kids what they like.

1/4 cup of your choice of milk – I use almond or macadamia (if they have nut allergies – rice milk is good)


Chop onion, garlic, veg and herbs finely and place into a mixing bowl or as I like to use a jug so I can easily pour once I’m done.

If you have REAL fussy eaters but want to get their veg in you can blend this all together in a blender or mixer/thermo to make it really fine.

Up to you – can do it super chunky or really fine.

Crack the 6-8 eggs over the mix

Whisk up till it all blends through

add milk (optional, i often cook it without milk at all)

Notice there is no pastry in this recipe. you don’t need it.

Once all blended through – pour into previously greased (with olive oil) mini muffin tray about 3/4 full

Place in oven on 180 degrees for 30 minutes

Keep an eye as ovens DO vary – you want them to rise and also be a little golden on top and not goey in the middle.

These can be frozen and later used for snacks, breakfast, lunches – they fit easily into kids lunchboxes!

But usually they are just too good and everyone gobbles them up!

everyone can have these as they bolt out the door! or even to sit down to if you find the time!

I also add some goats fetta on top for yummy salty flavour but thats up to you!

Would love to see your photos if you make a batch!

Send them to

or tag

4evanatural on instagram!

This is the first of the 4 part series of School Lunch Ideas