So you’ve started training, working out, joined the gym or classes, perhaps you’ve taken up lifting weights, started running or enjoy swimming. Whatever it is you’ve started, good on you! Wellness if about being active and enjoying movement and getting in that daily exercise.

But these days it is easy to get caught up in the instagram account world of all the figures with their shirts up showing the before and afters, wouldn’t you agree?

Our state of wellbeing and total inner health does not come from the outside!

State of health and HAPPINESS both inside and out comes from INSIDE YOU! not what we see physically in the mirror or compare ourselves to via social media.

Stop and think a while and ponder that thought. If we are not happy inside, how are we every going to be happy on the outside? No amount of sit ups, green smoothie benders and “fasting” is ever going to change that!

I just wanted to give my spin on what you might not be thinking of whilst you’ve decided to join the active movement.

I come from a non-pretentious place where I believe wellness is the whole picture of a person. In order to train the body, you must also nourish your body with whole foods, in order to recover from intense exercise you must then allow your body to rest and heal.

In order to handle the never-ending stressors in our modern day worlds (this includes intense exercise) you must give your mind some time, you some time. Not JUST run yourself to the ground with exercise and not look after the emotional and spiritual side too.

Our bodies need to be seen again as a whole. Not just a part.

Get outside and enjoy some deep breathing whilst slowly swinging a light kettlebell, get some sunshine while you are at it, afterward lay down and enjoy the brilliant blue sky. Now that to me is treating yourself! Don’t forget to nourish with some whole food afterward!





Healthy YOU guide


Remember training hard is a PART of fitness and health however if you want to see changes you need to remember to eat well, rest and look after yourself.


My top tips for doing so.


  • Make sure you never train on an empty stomach, contrary to popular belief, doing so won’t make you burn more fat! You need energy to burn energy for efficient energy for training. Or you’ll be running on empty!


  • The more you train, the more you need to fuel your body. By fuel, I mean food. Your body needs more nutrients, as the body views exercise as stress, you need more nutrients and antioxidants to look after yourself and gain maximum results.
  • The more you train, the more you need to stretch
  • The more you train, the more you need REST – eg time outside, sleeping, sitting still, reading.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stay Hydrated! 2-3ltrs of water per day, more if exercising! Water is KEY to health
  • Eat 5 small meals a day. Include fresh veg, lean proteins, fruit, grains, seeds and nuts, space them out    every 2-3 hours for sustained energy and vitality.
  • Digestion starts in the mouth, chew well!
  • Do not consume saturated fats, avoid fried and greasy foods
  • Avoid pre-cooked and highly processed foods (which overwork the organs & that destroys enzymes and nutrients)
  • Avoid foods with preservatives and additives – eg packaged foods! – eat whole food!
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, drugs, and stress – nothing in excess!
  • FRUIT – Eat it alone or leave it alone! To eat fruit it’s best upon rising, wait one hour after eating fruit to eat another meal
  • Proper food combining helps your metabolism, weight loss and detoxifying your system.


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Photo credit: Sarah Charney

Inspiration for this piece – my new appointed Sydney park group training crew. A group of non-pretentious, hardworking, individuals, who just wanted some movement and motivation! You inspire me!