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Sarah Jane Fehlberg – B.Hsc (Naturopathy)

Have you had the absolute run around with your health and always feel that you are never really getting to the root cause of your health situation?

Have you spent hours waiting to see someone only to receive 10 – 15 minutes of his or her time and left feeling like you haven’t been listened to?

About Sarah

Sarah has worked in the health industry for some 15 years and listening, mentoring, educating and motivating the people around her comes naturally, her bubbly nature along with her immense natural aptitude to CARE supports and guides you through your journey to health. Sarah will hold the space and time for you and give you the tools you need to achieve the ultimate result – your best health and wellbeing!

Sarah was first exposed to the industry when she delved into the nature of skin through beauty therapy, aromatherapy and massage and some years later completed her Diploma of Fitness and began working with the elderly, adults and children in instructing classes as well as one on one personal training.

Giving back to the industry, Sarah also taught Cert 3 & 4 Fitness with the Australian College of Sport and Fitness and still regularly teaches boxing and kettle bells – two of her specialties.

Sarah saw a real gap within the gym scene – that there was no established link between diet and lifestyle and the physical training being offered.  The diets, the training schedules and the routines that were being offered were misleading being portrayed or advertised as healthy.

This lead Sarah to seek further education in an attempt to close this gap and she enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy at Endeavour which allowed all the skills she had on offer to now blend together and enable her to take a more broader view on health and wellness.

Consultations with Sarah

Sarah offers a holistic approach to you and your family’s health, wellbeing, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Nutrition, exercise, mind state, stress, illness, disease, bad habits and lifestyle are all addressed in a comprehensive session to provide you with an all-encompassing, integrated functional approach to YOUR health.

You will the leave the session feeling encouraged, educated, and confident to move forward on your health and wellness journey.

Consultations available In Ashfield and Marrickville as well as skype sessions available for Naturopathy

For personal training Sarah is available to train you in the inner west and surrounds.

Sarah’s Special Interests

Sports and Athletic Health Support

Men’s Health

4th Trimester Family support – postpartum family health care

Gastrointestinal health –including parasites.

As well as one on one support Sarah offers talks, group events and corporate workshops on all of the above and much more.

Sarah’s qualifications

Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy

Nutritionist & Herbalist

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Diploma of Fitness

Cert III Fitness

Cert IV Fitness

AUSTSWIM accredited Swim Coach

Girevoy Sport Australia accredited Kettlebell Coach and Competitor

PunchFit Instructor

Active After School programs government accredited Kids Coach and dance teacher

First Aid and CPR