Lavender originates mainly from the mountainous regions of the southern and western parts of the Mediterranean where you can still find it growing wild!

Lavender comes from the latin word “lavare” meaning “to wash”.

Romans used the plant to perfume their bathwater.

The Romans introduced lavender to Britain, where it has continued to be cultivated in gardens for its multitude of valuable healing properties.

Since the 17th century, the largest commercial growers of lavender reside in France, in particular for perfumery. Provence is world famous for its beautiful fields of lavender!



Ancient druids added lavender flowers to their “love” potions. Branches were burnt during childbirth to calm the mother and cleanse the air.

Now days, there isn’t much difference to the use of this magically calming herb.

Flowers and leaves are used in herbal medicine for the sedative, calming and antibacterial properties.

Lavender promotes good sleep, reduces anxiety and calms irritability.

Lavender is also important to attract bumblebees and honeybees, which is important especially considering how much our beautiful bees are under threat at the moment! Butterflies also love lavender too, and so do we!

Ways to use Lavender

  • The oil can be used for massage in a carrier oil to help soothe sore muscles, aches and pains.
  • Place a few drops of essential oil on your pillow to help sleep at night and reduce anxiety.
  • Burn the oil in a diffuser for a mosquito and ant deterrent!
  • Place some dried flowers into a muslin bag for a perfect drawer, pantry or cupboard liner, or even under your pillow for a restful sleep, so good!



Lavender lemonade recipe


Super cooling, calming and  simply recipe to help reduce stress and anxiety




1 teaspoon of dried culinary lavender (make sure its organic, we don’t want any chemicals or pesticides!)

1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, strained.

Ice Cubes

5 cups of filtered water

honey to taste

Bring water to boil – or use kettle to boil water first.

How to

Place in a medium sized sauce pan, add lavender and cover, can leave this on low to “steep” for 20 minutes or up to several hours depending on taste, time and how therapeutic you’d like your healing lemonade!

Strain and discard lavender, pour into a jug and once cooled add lemon juice and honey.


 Lavender can also be found in our “Calm me” range as a floral infusion for a calming space and face spray, we have also used lavender flowers and oils in our “Calm me” bath salts!

Lavender is also part of the blend “Calm” in the Love tea range also available here.

 We hope you enjoy making your own lavender lemonade!