The Healing power of Nature

In Naturopathy the primary aim is to address the root cause of your problem

Naturopathy encompasses a holistic approach

As a Naturopath I recognise that people need to be heard in order for their health to be understood. I hold space for you to be heard, truly listened to, with your whole health history considered and looked over thoroughly. Feel truly cared for heard.

A no fuss bandaid free approach with the aim to understand your body as a whole, and treating it like so.

Using Lifestyle measures, Dietary advice and changes, Herbal Medicine and Nutrient supplements to support you on your health journey.

Naturopaths study the intricate details of how medications can effect you long term. As well as nutrient deficiencies and interactions, Some typical ailments we work with might be allergies, immune and hormone health, endocrine dysfunction and fertility to name a few.

Functional testing is apart of our integrative approach to your wellness as well as nutritional advice, mentoring and support.

Sarah specialises in, but not limited to…

  • Postpartum support for the family, from Mum and Dad, Newborns and toddlers health
  • Mens & Womens Health – reproductive, libido, endocrine, metabolic syndrome, healthy weight loss
  • Wholefood approach to Nutrition – realistic and studied methods for health conditions
  • Athletic nutrition support



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