Sometimes we have goals in life that are hard to achieve without someone there backing your every move.

Have you ever wanted a personal trainer who understands your body as a whole, not just a part?

What about one who has extensive knowledge and understanding of how your body needs nutrient dense fuel to sustain your activities, balance your hormones and stabilise your mood?

In the 15 years being a personal trainer I have learnt many life lessons, worked with many different walks of life, as well as coach, mentor, motivate and support people throughout there health and fitness journey.

I am excited that I can collaborate my skills and expertise as a Natural Health practitioner offering full Nutrition advice and support as well as tackle complex and acute health concerns under the Bachelor of Health science degree as a Naturopath (Natural Medicine) and diploma of Fitness.

I named myself a “Holistic personal trainer”

Because I have been on my own journey to “holistic health” myself, I believe I can share my experience and now knowledge with people who are looking for something to support them as the whole person that they in-fact are, not just a muscle group.

Most of my life I ignored the best intentions my mother tried to install into me surrounding a healthy diet. I grew up on whatever food I wanted to eat (fussy as!) and believed if I worked out hard enough that that would counteract all my lifestyle and dietary choices.

Of course as a teenager and well into your 20’s you are invincible and mostly this can feel true.

If only I had listened! I remember being in my 20’s and having 30 somethings tell me “you’ll feel different when you are older” “It will catch up”, my mum said the same. Boy I wished I had of listened.

Working in environments where overtraining, excess weight lifting, under-reating carbohydrates and overeating of protein was the norm (and to the most part in these said environments, still can be the case) it was a downward spiral to my own individual health.

Always believing that because I exercised, everything else I did to my body didn’t matter.

It has taken 20 long years and many days of fatigue, burn out, bad gut issues and hormonal troubles to realise we as humans cannot sustain this way of thinking let alone of being.

So without blabbing on too much more about why I am so passionate about being a Holistic practitioner and trainer and how my passions emerged and grew

This is the reason I am here, to teach people to re-connect with themselves,.

Unplug from the screens an re-charge themselves.

Following true intuition, embracing a healthy lifestyle, sustaining eating habits, managing stress, falling and staying asleep, balancing hormone patterns and creating a balanced



I’m no longer the trainer who just say drop and give me 10 burpess for no other purpose than to make you out of breath and walk away with a bad back.

I have intention in my work in that movement is incorporated within your wellness package as well as natural health consults to address health concerns and tackle right down into finding route causes for symptoms you may have been experiencing for way too long and never got to the bottom of

Tuning right in and listening to our body again instead of to the latest fad or trend.Tailoring your wellness package of movement and health specifically for


I offer guidance and support around your tailored training needs for your body and your dietary needs.

There are no boundaries or rules,  just a realistic approach to


If this is something of interest to you please don’t hesitate to enquire below