“Calm Me” Bath salts


A healing, soothing and calming blend of Epsom and Himalayan salts infused with Lavender Essential oil and Chamomile flowers handmade with love in a beautiful 500g glass jar.


A beautiful homemade, calming blend of Epsom and Himalayan salts,infused with Lavender essential oils and Chamomile Flowers.

Sprinkle a generous amount in the bath and let the salts melt and the flowers soothe into your skin.

Chamomile is known for promoting calm and helping with anxiety, inducing sleep and as a mild muscle relaxant, it also relieves menstrual cramps, muscular pains, helps sooth the soul, body and mind. Perhaps have a relaxing bath or foot soak after a long stressful day, helps both physically and emotionally.

Lavender is also known for its anti-anxiety and mild sedative properties, helps a tired mind wind down and destress. Also can be great for aches and pains and muscle or joint stiffness.

Epsom salts boast a high mineral content, when used, the benefits are similar to that of a hot spring. Adding these to the Calming bath salt range means high magnesium content that promotes the removal of acids through the skin.

Himalayan rock salts detoxify the body and balance the PH, improving hydration through infusion of trace minerals and improving mineral status within the body, helps with muscles cramps and improves sleep.

“Calm Me” bath salts are a beautiful blend of all of the above to have some time for self love and Calm YOU time.
Can also be used after physical stress or after exercise.
Dissolve as a foot soak or in baths.

*please note chamomile flowers do not dissolve and will infuse the water beautifully*

We hope you enjoy <3 xx


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